UltraThin Ceramic Capacitors

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The Ultrathin (UT) series of ceramic capacitors is a new product offering from AVX. The UT series capacitor was designed to meet the stringent thickness requirements of our customers. AVX developed a new termination process (FCT - Fine Copper Termination) that provides unbeatable flatness and repeatability. The series includes products < 0.35mm in height and is targeted for applications such as Smart cards, Memory modules, High Density SIM cards, Mobile phones, MP3 players, and embedded solutions.


  • Design provides efficient use of the inner space of the PWB
  • Improvement of electrical parameters (shorter distance between components)
  • Components encapsulated in protective environment for increased reliability
  • Better resistance to mechanical stress
  • Improved thermal properties (better heat sinking)
  • Design copy protection


  • Embedding applications
    • PCB
  • Moulding applications
    • Smart cards
    • ID cards/Passports
  • Custom Applications where low profile is key parameter