Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors - X8R/X8L Dielectric

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AVX has developed a range of multilayer ceramic capacitors designed for use in applications up to 150°. These capacitors are manufactured with an X8R and an X8L dielectric material. X8R material has capacitance variation of +15% between -55° and +150°C. The X8L material has capacitance variation of+15% between -55° to 125° and +15/-40% from +125° to +150°.

The need for X8R and X8L performance has been driven by customer requirements for parts that operate at elevated temperatures. They provide a highly reliable capacitor with low loss and stable capacitance over temperature.

They are ideal for automotive under the hood sensors, and various industrial applications. Typical industrial application would be drilling monitoring system. They can also be used as bulk capacitors for high temperature camera modules.

Both X8R and X8L dielectric capacitors are automotive AEC-Q200 qualified. Optional termination systems, tin, FLEXITER© and conductive epoxy for hybrid applications are available. Providing this series with our FLEXITER© termination system provides further advantage to customers by way of enhanced resistance to both, temperature cycling and mechanical damage.


  • Both ranges are qualified to the highest automotive AEC-Q200 standards
  • Excellent reliability compared to other capacitor technologies
  • RoHS compliant
  • Low ESR / ESL compared to other technologies
  • Tin solder finish
  • FLEXITERM® available
  • Epoxy termination for hybrid available
  • 100V range available


  • All market sectors with a 150°C requirement
  • Automotive on engine applications
  • Oil exploration applications
  • Hybrid automotive applications
  • Hybrid commercial applications