Solder-In Style High Temp EMI Filters (XS/XR Series)

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The XS series expands upon the YS offering by providing additional filtering in the HF through MICROWAVE frequency spectrum from 500 KHz up to 10 GHz. The larger diameter of the XS series means that even higher values of capacitance and a rated DC current of 10 Amps are available. Designed to be soldered into a package, bracket or bulkhead (and maintain hermeticity), it is ideal for medium to high impedance circuits where significant amounts of capacitance to ground can be tolerated. In the “L” section version an internal ferrite bead element provides both inductance and series resistance (lossy characteristic) which improves insertion loss and provides superior transient performance. Alternate lead lengths or special capacitance values may be ordered. Custom packages or bracket assemblies utilizing this feedthru can be furnished to your specifications.


  • High temperature construction withstands 300°C installation temperatures
  • Hi purity gold plating provides excellent solderability or compatibility with thermal and ultrasonic wire bonding
  • Meets or exceeds the applicable portions of MIL-F-28861/14gh