OxiCap Niobium Oxide Capacitors

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AVX’s OxiCap niobium oxide capacitors deliver cost effective, lead-free, non-burning tantalum-type performance. Cost vs. performance is a key requirement for consumer electronic products. A new solid electrolyte capacitor— OxiCap —has been developed by AVX in standard EIA case sizes in order to meet this requirement as a higher performance alternative to aluminum and other SMT capacitor technologies currently on the market.
Designated the OxiCap Series, this family of capacitors utilizes advanced technology to provide design engineers with a safe (non-burning, high resistance failure mode) and professional reliability level alternative for applications where high transient currents are a concern.

Ideal for use during filtering applications, these capacitors provide excellent electrical characteristics at rail voltages up to 5V. The OxiCap Series is an ideal choice to fill the gap between higher-voltage tantalum caps and lower-cost aluminum electrolytics. This product also provides an excellent “non-burn” and “lead free” solution. OxiCap capacitors provide design engineers with a readily available, cost-efficient alternative anode material. Niobium is lower in density than tantalum, offering lighter overall package weight for components using the material.

The OxiCap series solves the problems of capacitance drop and DC leakage encountered with aluminum electrolytics. A single OxiCap capacitor exhibits ESR values that normally would require up to ten aluminum capacitors to achieve. At the same time, these advanced surface mount capacitors match the capacitance values of tantalums without the propensity for cracking that can occur when high CV multi-layer ceramics are used in similar conditions. Another unique advantage with the OxiCap is the voltage-derating characteristic, where the OxiCap, because of the high reliability and safe failure mode is derated at only 20% compared to the standard 50% for other similar products.

The OxiCap Series:
NOJ – Standard Series
NOS – Low ESR Series
Both are available in EIA standard case sizes of A, B, C, D, E, and V, featuring capacitance values ranging from 10µF to 1000µF with capacitance tolerances at ±20%. Voltage rating options currently available are 4 and 6.3 WVDC, with 2.5 WVDC under development.


  • Non-Burn Feature
  • Lower in Density than Tantalum – Lighter Package Weight
  • Lower Voltage-Derating Characteristics
  • Solves Problem of Capacitance Drop and DC Leakage Encountered with Aluminum Electrolytics
  • RoHS Compliant Solution


  • Consumer Electronics
  • Power Supply
  • Computer
  • Output Filtering