5805 Series Board-to-Board Connector

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The 5805 series board-to-board connector is ideal for applications where the market demands smaller and thinner end products. The connector features a unique KEC, S-shaped spring for the spring structure, giving the 5805 a very low profile.

A double-sided contact structure adopted for mating lock enhances the components resistance to vibration and drop shock. The 5805 series employs a twin-rib-shaped plug side contact that eliminates foreign obstacles, such as splash flux, from interfering with the contacts, improving the contact reliability. A fine lock mechanism with firm clicking response ensures a secure termination and also increases the retention force when connectors are unmated.

The 5805 board-to-board connector allows users to easily check conductivity and short circuits in the connector under mated condition by offering a test connector that is able to withstand a large number of mating cycles. Because no metal is exposed on the bottom of the connector, the 5805 series is suitable for high-density package.  


  • Miniature and Handheld Equipment
  • Smaller and Thinner End Products