Vertical Plug Connector for Industrial BTB Applications

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AVX developed the low profile and low pin count 9159 plug and socket connectors several years ago for the harsh Solid State Lighting (SSL) market. This initial product was limited to coplanar PCB mating in linear lighting strips because of the limited configurations. While several additions were added, the market was still confined to the SSL market primarily.

With this new vertical plug connector, we can now offer traditional perpendicular PCB mating which is common in every standard commercial and industrial PCB application. The size versus performance that this connector family can offer makes it an ideal choice for rugged environments.


  • Robust design for harsh environments; -40C to +125C
  • 5 AMP current rating
  • Gold plated BeCu contact system provides high reliability
  • Passed 1000hrs at 125C heat endurance testing
  • Small profile/footprinting


  • Portable commercial/industrial hand held terminals, scanners, meters, etc.
  • Medical devices - patient monitoring & dispensing
  • Solid State lighting fixtures
  • Industrial electronic modules and controls