Wire-to-Wire: Poke Home, Thru-Wire Connectors

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Wire-to-Wire (WTW) connectors have been used in the industrial market for years with traditional 2-Piece (plug and socket) connector systems. In the general wiring market there are a number of connector styles available, however, they are limited in sizes, expanded wire gauges and the ability to reuse them when repair or replacement is needed.

Based on the success of the 9276 WTB Poke Home connector system, AVX has expanded this concept into the WTW arena. Using a higher force Beryllium Copper spring contact system, the 9286 series added simple push button activation for easy wire insertion and removal.


  • Robust design for harsh environments; -40C to +125C
  • 8 AMP current rating
  • High spring force BeCu contact system provides high reliability
  • Accepts any wire between 18AWG to 26AWG; solid or stranded
  • Miniaturized size; 4.0mm pitch


  • Industrial/Machine control
    • motors
    • solenoids
    • PLC’s
    • pumps
    • valves
    • sensors
    • fans
  • Commercial/Building
    • fixtures
    • fire
    • security
    • surveillance
    • blinds
    • sensors
    • controls
  • Commercial/Industrial LED
    • retail
    • office
    • manufacturing
    • displays