Hermectically Sealed SMD Tantalum Capacitor (230C)

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Encased in hermetically sealed ceramic packages, the THH Series features a broad range of capacitance values, the highest rated temperature range of any SMD tantalum capacitor series available on the market (-55°C to +230°C), excellent volumetric efficiency, and an extended minimum lifetime of 1,000 hours. THH Series tantalum capacitors also exhibit superior stability in high temperature, humid, and ambient atmosphere environments and are impervious to the capacitance drop common to high temperature operation, enabling significant size reductions, lower components counts, and reliability improvements in high temperature applications such as down-hole oil drilling.

Available in two cases sizes (9, a larger case with high capacitance and low ESR, and I, a low profile case with high capacitance) and two termination options (nickel-plated J-lead or gold under-tab) for additional design flexibility, the THH 230°C Hermetic Series high temperature SMD tantalum capacitors feature a voltage range of 10-63VDC, a capacitance tolerance of ± 20%, and a leakage current of 0.01CV.


• High temperature applications
• Rated temperature up to 230°C @ 0.5Vr / 1000hrs
• Ceramic case hermetic packaging
• Stability under humidity and ambient atmosphere exposure
• Large case sizes including CTC-21D provide high capacitance values