High Temperature MLCC – 250°C Rated

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AVX’s new high temperature chip capacitor product line, with verified capability of long-term operation up to 250°C is a response to both military and commercial business needs. The new capacitors demonstrate high current handling capabilities, high volumetric efficiency, high insulation resistance and low ESR/ESL. This product has been designed for the most demanding applications, such as “down-hole” oil exploration and aerospace programs.


• High temperature capabilities up to 250°C
• Capacitance Range: 2200pF to 1µF
• Voltage Range: 16V to 25V
• High current handling capabilities
• High volumetric efficiency
• High insulation resistance
• Very low ESR/ESL


• DC filters in motor drives
• High-pulsed current circuitry
• Down-Hole Oil Exploration
• Space and aerospace electronics
• Hybrid Automotive