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The new dual-beam boxed contact system from AVX surface mounts to a PCB and provides a simple and reliable wire
termination without soldering of the wire. The unique contact design integrates several key features within the stamping to facilitate SMT pickup, wire guidance, high force retention and easy wire removal. Combined, these features provide all of the benefits of a full function connector, without the added cost of the insulator and labor.

This family of 4mm, 3mm, 2mm and 1.7mm closed box contacts accept either solid or stranded wires ranging from 12AWG to 28AWG with current ratings up to 20Amps. Once the contacts are soldered onto the PCB, wires need to be stripped to length (twisted if stranded) and inserted into the open end of the box contact. As the wires are pushed in, upper and lower tines guide the wire down the center of the contact deflecting the right and left contact tines until the wire reaches the wire stop. Wires can be removed by twisting the wire out and or using a small blade removal tool to help release some of the contact force.


  • Dual Beam box contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement 
  • Staged current rating based on AWG, maximum is 20A (12AWG)
  • Increased functionality with the single contact placement ability; multiple contacts and/or specific individual locations


  • Industrial/Ruggedized wire-to-board applications
  • Replace hard soldering of wire to a PCB