Single Vertical Top Entry 18 AWG

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The new SMT vertical top entry connector allows for 18AWG to 26AWG wires to be simply stripped and inserted into the connector body at 180 degree orientation to the top side of the PCB. This single connector will replace existing 2-Piece WTB solutions where a header is soldered onto the PCB and a secondary crimp-to-wire receptacle assembly is plugged in. Available in 1-6 positions, each connector will accept the entire wire gauge range for either solid or stranded wires at varying current ratings supported by each wire size. Once inserted, wires can easily be removed or replaced by twisting/unscrewing or by using a small blade extraction tool.


  • Dual Beam box contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement
  • Will accept either solid or stranded wire, 18-26AWG, plated or un-plated wires
  • Simple strip and insert for wire loading, with easy twist and pull for wire removal


  • Replace inconsistent hand soldered perpendicular wire terminations onto PCB's in:
    • Power Supplies
    • LED Drivers
    • Industrial/Motor Controls
  • Offer a simple and cost reduced solution to existing 2-Piece connector systems