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TACmicrochip is a major breakthrough in miniaturization without a reduction of performance. It gives you: the highest bulk energy storage in an 0603 case size; enhanced high frequency operation through unique ESR performance; temperature and voltage stability and, of course, component count reduction.

The new TACmicrochip breaks new ground with the unique structure allowing 10 times more capacitance to be packaged in the 0603 case size than is possible with traditional tantalum technology. These features coupled with the temperature and voltage stability of tantalum, enable system designers to achieve equipment miniaturization without compromising performance. Making TACmicrochip the only choice for size critical applications.

Combining existing tantalum manufacturing processes with semiconductor technology enables a highly versatile production capability which can be used for the production of specialized circuit requirements.


  • The world’s smallest surface mount tantalum capacitor
  • CV range: 0.10-150μF / 2-25V
  • 5 case sizes available
  • Low profile options available
  • Applications:


  • Industrial
  • Hi-reliability medical applications