Tantalum Solid Electrolytic Chip Capacitors with Conductive Polymer Electrode

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AVX's TCJ Series 125V tantalum polymer chip capacitors were selected as an Ultimate Products finalist due to their being the highest rated voltage tantalum capacitors currently on the market, providing excellent capacitance and ultra-low ESR in a compact chip size, exhibiting high reliability exceeding 1% per 1,000 hours at 85 degrees C and full-rated voltage, and maintaining 20% recommended voltage derating, which significantly extends the usable voltage range and, subsequently, the number of applications for which the series is ideal.


  • Conductive polymer electrode reduces ignition failure mode
  • Lower ESR
  • 3x reflow 260°C compatible
  • CV range: 0.47-470μF / 2.5-125V
  • 16 case sizes available


  • Smart phone
  • Tablets
  • Notebook
  • LCD TV
  • Power supplies