Wire-to-Board (WTB) Single Poke-Home Connector

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AVX continues to develop innovative connectors for the industrial electronics market that provide significant benefits over existing, outdated connector solutions. Listening to the design engineering community, there are ongoing applications where they cannot find an off-the-shelf solution that will satisfy a high percentage of the projects configuration, performance and cost goals.

The newest addition to AVX’s broadening line of Wire-to-Board (WTB) connectors offers a cost effective, single Poke-Home connector solution that will meet the cost and performance targets in demanding, yet user friendly applications. At the heart of the connector is the industry proven dual tine, 3mm high spring force box contact that has been on the market as a stand-alone horizontal contact only solution.

The new SMT vertical top entry and vertical through board connectors allow for 18AWG to 26AWG wires to be simply stripped and inserted into the connector body at 180 degree orientation to the top side of the PCB. This single connector will replace existing 2-Piece WTB solutions where a header is soldered onto the PCB and a secondary crimp-to-wire receptacle assembly is plugged in. Available in 1-6 positions, each connector will accept the entire wire gauge range for either solid or stranded wires at varying current ratings supported by each wire size. Once inserted, wires can easily be removed or replaced by twisting/unscrewing or by using a small blade extraction tool.


New July 2015 - 37% Smaller!

The latest addition to the AVX arsenal is the Micro Poke-Home, vertical 2mm contact which is 37% smaller than the existing 3mm contact. While still maintaining the performance level in harsh industrial applications, this new 2mm sized contact will offer significant space savings in smaller electronic devices such as smart grid, SSL/LED, industrial/machine control, sensors, security, medical and transportation applications to connect leaded devices or power and ground wires to a PCB.The new 70-9296 poke-home WTB series is designed to accept 22-26 AWG wires and up to 8 amps of UL rated current capacity. As with the traditional poke-home contacts and connectors, wires are simply stripped and inserted into the bare contact to make electrical connection and can twisted for removal if wire need to be replaced.


  • Dual Beam box contact provides maximum mechanical stability and wire retention
  • Tape and reel packaged for automated SMT placement
  • Will accept either solid or stranded wire, 18-26AWG, plated or un-plated wires
  • Simple strip and insert for wire loading, with easy twist and pull for wire removal


  • Industrial/Ruggedized Wire-to-Board applications
  • Replace hard soldering of wire to a PCB
  • Replace costly 2-Piece header and receptacle products
  • Reference Product Specification 201-01-151
  • Reference Application Notes 201-01-152