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AVX’s radial leaded CapGuard™ products are designed to provide both transient voltage protection and EMI/RFI suppression for electronic circuits. CapGuards™ are ideally suited to filter out EMI/RFI noise generated by switch mode power supplies or motors on DC lines or I/O lines in electronic circuits. With multilayer varistor (MLV) utilized in CapGuard product, effective transient voltage protection is achieved to protect sensitive electronics from high voltage transients. The capacitor, on the other hand, absorbs high frequency noise on the line. The MLCC capacitors are designed with temperature stable X7R dielectric, allowing for wide temperature use with good capacitance stability.


  • High Capacitance / EMI Filtering
  • Bi-Directional Protection
  • AEC Q200 qualified
  • Multiple Strike Capability
  • Radial, epoxy encapsulated


  • EMI filtering with surge protection
  • DC motors
  • Inductive switching
  • Relays
  • Power supplies
  • I/O Ports