Automotive Grade Radial Leaded MLC

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The AVX Leaded MLC group has expanded its product offering to include the new AR series capacitor. These new devices are perfect for radial leaded high temperature applications, and also applications where a PPAP (pre-production approval process) is necessary. The AR series AEC-Q200 data package contains all the necessary PPAP data, and is available to all customers upon request. The AR series is also the first leaded MLC line to market that is fully AEC-Q200 qualified.


  • Full AEC-Q200 qualification
  • Standard dielectrics: NPO, X7R
    • NPO available in AR15 series through AR21 series in capacitance values from 10pf to 8200pf
    • X7R available in AR15 series through AR40 series in capacitance values from 470pf to 1µf
  • High temperature dielectric: X8R (applications up to 150℃)
    • High temperature values available: AR215F102K4R, AR215F103K4R, AR215F104K4R


  • Automotive Under the Hood
  • Automotive In Cabin
  • Automotive Transmission Modules
  • Down Hole
  • Hall Sensors