Single Layer Capacitors (GZ Series)

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AVX designs and manufactures single layer capacitors with high dielectric constant to meet the space constraints of modern electronic designs. AVX's GZ Series single layer capacitor was developed specifically to address DC blocking issues from ~15KHz through 40GHz and to incorporate small footprints to conserve board space.

The GZ is available in .040 x .015, 0402, and 0603 sizes. It is resonance free from 12KHz to 40GHz and has a surface mount configuration. Insertion loss at higher frequencies is in part dependent on installation parameters. Custom designs and wire bondable designs for applications where strip line matching is not imperative are available.

AVX makes single layer capacitors with high dielectric constants, allowing for high capacitance in smaller packages. AVX’s single layer capacitor technology allows for smaller and smaller packages, making the resulting capacitors ideal for DC blocking and decoupling next to integrated circuits.


  • High Dielectric Constant from 20 to 60,000
  • Sizes: 0.010” to 0.100” Square
  • Single Sided Borders
  • Array packages available
  • Wire Bondable


  • RF/Microwave