Multianode Tantalum Ultra Low ESR Capacitor

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Ideal for telecommunication infrastructure, networking, servers, and military and aerospace applications, the TPM mirror tantalum capacitor delivers low self-inductance and lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) in a small package. The new symmetrical design also reduces the ESL to 1nH, half that of standard D case sized devices. Low ESL enables a higher resonant frequency up to 500kHz (mirror D case), delivering more efficient filtering in DC/DC power switching converters. The new design also reduces the height of the new tantalum capacitors from 4.3mm (E case) to 3.1mm (D case) with further reductions down to 2.0mm maximum height (Y case).

The mirror anode configuration also enhances thermal power dissipation, enabling a higher ripple current to be achieved using only one capacitor. This provides a downsizing of the power supply without compromising the output current ratings. Multi-anode mirror tantalums are available as D case devices within AVX’s existing TPM Series. Complying with RoHS requirements, TPM capacitors are designed for 3x reflow, 260°C peak temperature lead-free assembly systems, and feature an operating temperature range of between -55°C and +125°C. Mirror TPM capacitors have been released in a D case size capacitance range of 220 to 1000µF, are rated at 2.5 to 10V and have an ESR range of 25-35mΩ. Higher voltage (up to 35 and 50V) devices under development will be especially attractive for telecommunication applications where design height is becoming an important parameter: capacitance values 10-22µF, ESR 65-140mΩ on a single 35-50V capacitor are difficult to attain within the 3.1mm maximum height using any other technology.


  • Multi-anode construction
  • Super low ESR
  • CV range: 10-2200μF / 2.5-50V
  • 4 case sizes available
  • “Mirror” multi-anode construction used with D case capacitors reduces ESL to half


  • Telecommunication infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Servers
  • Military and aerospace