SMX Style SMPS Stacked Capacitors


SMX-style, stacked Switch Mode Power Supply Capacitors (SMPS) utilizing Multilayer Ceramic (MLCC) construction are ideally suited for high temperature applications up to 200ºC. This product is intended for downhole oil exploration, including logging while drilling, geophysical probes, as well as space and aerospace electronics. The high temperature solder utilized in the construction of SMX-style parts assures reliable operation in harsh environments. The wide product offering provides designers a solution for high capacitance value and high voltage capacitors rated at 200ºC. The SMX-style capacitors are ideally suited for applications as DC filters in high power, high frequency motor drives, high pulsed-current circuitry, as well as low power electronics. SMX-style, SMPS capacitors are characterized with excellent performance in comparison to wet tantalum products.


  • Much lower ESR and lower losses
  • Excellent capacitance retention with frequency
  • Excellent high frequency performance
  • Low DC leakage current
  • Much higher current handling capabilities


  • Input and output filters
  • Coupling, decoupling, resonant, snubber
  • DC/DC converters