Shielded Power Inductors (SRR and SRU Series)

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The Bourns® SRR and SRU Series shielded power inductors are designed to discharge minimum magnetic flux radiation when the inductor is operating at high frequency ripple currents. Low inductor flux emission minimizes interference to circuitry and other surrounding components which may be susceptible to radiation. The Bourns® SRR and SRU Series inductors are constructed with a ferrite shield installed over an inductor winding. This shield is highly effective in containing magnetic flux radiation. The SRR and SRU Series devices have a lower winding DC resistance making them attractive for applications where longer battery life is essential. These shielded power inductors are suitable for mobile devices, cellular phone and consumer electronics.


  • Ferrite shielded construction
  • Low winding DC resistance
  • Low core loss
  • Compact size


  • Mobile devices
  • Cellular phones
  • Consumer electronics
  • Desktop/notebook computers, servers
  • Network hubs, bridges, routers
  • Digital TVs, DVDs, cable modems, set-top boxes
  • Battery chargers
  • LED drivers
  • Automotive:
    • Comfort & Positioning
    • Electrification
    • Infotainment
    • Lighting
    • Networks