Guitar Potentiometers (PDB Series)

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Bourns has developed a specialty line of potentiometers for electric and bass guitars to upgrade these instruments for improved sound quality, reliability and longevity.

-- Model PDB241-GNL No Load Guitar Potentiometer

-- Model PDB241-GTR Left-Handed Guitar Potentiometer

-- Model PDB181-GTR Left-Handed Mini-Guitar Potentiometer

-- Model PDB181-GTR Long Bushing Mini-Guitar Potentiometer

-- Model PDB183-GTR Long Bushing Mini-Guitar Potentiometer with Push-Pull Switch

The "no load" guitar potentiometer is designed with a long-wearing insulator and a positive action detent for improved reliability. The left-handed potentiometers have special reverse audio tapers and a logarithmic curve specifically designed for excellent volume response at all positions along the potentiometer. The long bushing potentiometers are excellent for use in solid body guitars and work in all types of electric or bass guitars, with or without a push-pull switch.


  • 12 mm, 17 mm, and 24 mm potentiometers available
  • Carbon element
  • Single or Dual gang option
  • Plain, knurled or split knurled shaft options
  • Metal bushing and shaft
  • Linear and audio taper options
  • RoHS compliant (select series)


  • Guitars
  • Amplifiers