Bourns Model H-550 Turns-Counting Dial


Bourns, Inc., a leading manufacturer of electronic components and integrated solutions, announced the introduction of a new Turns-Counting Dial, the Model H-550-6A. The standard H-550-6a includes a high-force locking brake and 0-11 turns.The lightweight metalized plastic finish gives the professional appearance of an all-metal dial.

The all-plastic dial is rugged, highly reliable and economically priced. Any industrial, non-critical life support medical or test instrumentation application that requires human interface and a multi-turn potentiometer precision setting is ideal for the new dial.


  • Economically Priced
  • Ideal for Use with 10-Turn Potentiometer
  • Rugged Locking Brake
  • Metalized Plastic Dial Body


  • Test Instrumentation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Automation Equipment
  • Medical Instrumentation (non-critical life support applications)