Model 3223 3mm Multiturn SMD Sealed Trimmers

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Bourns Trimpot Product Line is pleased to announce the release of Model 3223, the latest addition to our SMD family of products. Model 3223 is the first 3mm square multiturn SMD sealed trimmer in the market. This trimmer was designed for those applications where accuracy in adjustment is crucial and board space is limited. As a world leader in trimmer technology, Bourns, Inc. continues to fill the market demand for smaller products while maintaining the accuracy in adjustment that currently is only available in larger multiturn trimmers.

With sealed construction, Model 3223 was designed to withstand today’s typical board processes such as IR, Forced Hot Air or Convection solder reflow. Recommended solder processing specifications are available upon request or may be found on the website at The Model 3223 requires 42% less board space while maintaining similar electrical characteristics to its 4mm counterpart.

There are numerous opportunities for this product, both as a new model and as a strategic replacement for competitive products. The competitive 4mm models are prime targets for replacement with the new Model 3223.


  • Vertical Adjustment
  • Pick and place centering design with flush adjustment
  • Small size power type resistors offering
  • 11 Turns
  • Surface mount


  • Power Supplies
  • A/D Converters
  • Satellite Receivers
  • Computer
  • Security Systems
  • RF Meters
  • Disk Drives
  • CATV Decoders
  • Temperature Sensors