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Compact circuit designs can increase the susceptibility to damage from transients such as lightning and other high voltage surges. This trend presents a challenge to circuit protection manufacturers which now must create smaller and faster circuit protection devices in support of shrinking and sensitive electronics equipment. The new 2015 series FLAT™ Technology GDTs from Bourns overcome this challenge by offering an innovative flat package design in both horizontal and vertical surface mount options without compromising performance.

New 09.29.15

The Model 2017 Series GDT Surge Arrestor with FLAT® technology was recently introduced. Bourns sets a new industry standard by offering a 2-electrode GDT in an innovative flat-package design. Bourns’ FLAT® technology delivers a low profile solution for high density and height-restricted PCB applications.

The Model 2017 Series is an ITU K.12 Class III GDT device rated at 10 kA on an 8/20 μs waveform. The series is offered with DC breakdown voltages ranging from 90 to 420 V and is available in horizontal and vertical surface mount versions as well as a leadless design for cartridge or clamp fit applications.

The new series features an innovative horizontal design that accomplishes a 75 % savings in volume as compared to standard 8 mm Bourns® gas discharge tubes. When vertically mounted, the Model 2017 Series is capable of supporting approximately twice the number of GDTs in the same board space as compared to similar board space using surface mount 8 mm Bourns® GDTs.


  • Compact, space saving design
  • Robust surge current ratings
  • Stable performance over life
  • Low leakage and insertion loss
  • Capacitance is constant regardless of voltage
  • Low arc voltage
  • Wide voltage range (90-600 V)
  • Low oscillation design


  • Telecom customer premise equipment
  • Industrial Communications
  • Surge Protective Devices
  • High density PCB assemblies