Flyback Transformer – Model SM91047EL

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The Bourns® Model SM91047EL is an 11.875 : 1, (primary : secondary) turns ratio flyback transformer with 1.5 kVrms isolation. The input voltage range is 100-375 VDC, 50 kHz switching frequency regulated to 5 VDC/0.4 ADC output. This transformer is designed to meet IEC 60950-1, Functional Grade of Insulation. The Model SM91047EL flyback transformer is suitable for use with Texas Instruments’ UCC28880 Low Quiescent Current Off-Line Converter.


  • Wide operating input voltage range
  • 5 volt / 0.4 Adc output
  • Meets IEC 60950-1, Functional Grade of Insulation
  • RoHS compliant


  • TI UCC28880 high voltage converter
  • AC/DC power supplies
  • Metering, home automation, appliances, white goods and LED drivers