Optical Encoders

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Rotary encoders are ideal for use as digital panel controls or position sensing devices in a wide range of applications where digital circuitry is used. These devices are available in contacting and optical types and in various resolutions. Some models are available with push momentary switch and detents.


EM14 - 14mm Rotary Optical Encoder w/Switch features:

  • RoHS compliant*
  • HCMOS, CMOS and TTL compatible
  • Compact package size
  • High rotational cycle life
  • StandEM14 - 14mm Rotary Optical Encoder w/Switch features:

EN - Rotary Optical Encoder features:

  • Two channel quadrature output
  • Bushing or servo mount
  • Square wave signal
  • Small size
  • Resolution to 256 PPR
  • CMOS and TTL compatible
  • Long life
  • Ball bearing option for high operating speed up to 3000 rpm
  • RoHS compliant*


  • Temperature control
  • Speed control
  • Position sensing
  • Menu selection
  • Volume control