MF-PSMF Series 0805 PTC Fuses

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Bourns' MF-PSMF series of PTC resettable fuses come in a standard 0805 package. The MF-PSMF is an excellent choice for short circuit and overcurrent protection in 5V applications. The MF-PSMF series operates as a fuse. It begins with a very low impedance and can be driven to high impedance by an overcurrent condition or an increase in ambient temperature. Unlike typical single blow fuses, the MF-PSMF series can be reset by cycling the power on/off.


  • Miniature 0805 SMT package
  • Protects against overcurrents, short circuits, and high temperatures
  • Resettable - no need to replace
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Portable Electronics
  • Port Protection
  • Test Equipment
  • Computers & Peripherals