Contura V Series Rocker Switch

Carling Technologies
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Contura V-Series switches offer an extensive range of aesthetic choices in their contoured rocker actuator styles, surfaces, colors, lens, and legend options. Contura actuators are designed to be removable and interchangeable, providing for ease of panel redesign. They can also be purchased and stocked separately.

Contura II & III
Contura II & III actuators are constructed of thermoplastic polycarbonate, and are offered with either a hard nylon overlay or a "soft-touch" elastomer overlay. Both Contura II and III style actuators provide a contoured convex rocker shape. For finger traction, Contura II actuators incorporate two rows of raised "bumps" at either end of the rocker. Contura III actuators incorporate three lines or grooves at each end of the rocker. Illuminated rockers can be constructed with one or two lenses, and can feature square, bar, or a combination of square and bar lenses.

Contura IV & V
Contura IV & V actuators work with the curves, contours and stylings of panel designs that incorporate advanced curves and radii. Contura IV's asymmetrical, orange-wedge shape provides a variety of mounting design options including half-moon, triangular, pyramidal, or stacked. And the symmetrically curved Contura V complements the Contura IV's "Shape to create a Shape" design concept. Used alone or in conjunction with Contura IV style switches, they can create a wide variety of switch pod or module configurations ideal for any panel design. Both Contura IV and V illuminated rockers can be constructed with one or two lenses, and can feature oval, bar, or a combination of oval and bar lenses.

Contura VI
Carling Technologies’ Contura VI sealed rocker switches offer the perfect complement to the already popular Contura line of sealed V-Series rocker switches. Used in a row, they create an uniquely appealing design on your panel. The Contura product offers endless possibilities for your product development, always offering creative, dynamic, yet economical, alternatives in dash panel design. V-Series switches offer countless unique options including choices for ratings, circuitry, colors, illumination and legends. All switches feature removable actuators in a choice of actuator styles and colors, are available in single or double pole configurations, and can be illuminated with various shaped lenses.

Contura Actuators
Contura actuators and lenses are offered in a wide variety of colors. Standard actuator colors include black, gray, red, and white. Standard lens colors include clear, white, amber, green, red, and blue. The top protective lens on two-piece Contura X & XI rockers are available in clear, smoke, or white. For locking rockers, the lock button can match the color of the actuator or can contrast in color. Standard colors for the lock button on locking rockers are black, white, red, and safety orange.

Contura actuators come with a vast selection of legend options, with over 300 text and image legends listed as standard.


• Small appliances
• Vacuum cleaners
• Power tools
• Residential generators
• Truck & bus
• Agricultural equipment
• Construction & specialty equipment
• Emergency Vehicles
• Marine