Standard DC Power Distribution Center (LDC1 Series)

Carling Technologies
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To help conserve valuable panel space, Carling Technologies developed a new 1RU DC Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for the telecom industry. This new PDU is designed to fit industry standard 19" rack systems. The 1RU is listed to UL/CUL 1801 and designed to EN60960.

The Carling circuit breakers installed in the 1RU and plug in style to allow for hot swap ability and front access, and are rated to 50 amps per pole with a standard 10,000 amp interrupting capacity rating and a special 50,000 amp interrupting capacity on request.

Even as a "condensed" panel, this new 1RU exceeds the tough demands of today's applications while still offering safety, reliability and performance.


  • Hot "swappable" circuit breakers that can be installed, changed, or replaced in the field or factory
  • Circuit breakers are front panel accessible
  • Maximum of six UL489 listed breakers per feed, 12 per panel
  • One Rack Unit (1RU) size
  • Panel plugs provided for non-populated circuit breaker slots
  • Short handle circuit breakers to prevent accidental operation
  • Panel easily configurable and upgradeable in the field, providing flexibility when designing added features or options
  • Conserves valuable cabinet space
  • Optional rack extenders to expand panel mounting from 19" rack to 23" rack
  • Breaker installation/removal tool available upon request


  • Telecom