The Next Generation Ruggedized Flat AluminumElectrolytic Capacitor – In Stock at TTI

MLSG Flatpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

With over 5000 hours of DC life at rated voltage, 125˚C, type MLSG is our longest life steel-cased Flatpack capacitor. For systems requiring the highest life expectancy, type MLSG is the best choice. Enhance the reliability of your system even further by specifying type HRMLSG for a MIL-level burn-in. This series is also available in a high-vibration package up to 50gs by specifying type HVMLSG.

MLSG Slimpack Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

With a profile of 1.0" by 0.5" type MLSG Slimpack capacitors fit into the tightest of spaces and meets a DC test of 5000 hours at rated voltage, 125˚C. MLSG Slimpack is a perfect fit for military and aerospace applications requiring a low profile, rugged design and long-life. Specify type HRMLSG for high-reliability burn-in.


MLSG Flatpack capacitors can be made to withstand up to 50g vibrations (10g standard) and altitudes greater than 80,000 feet. With stainless steel cases and welded seals, they are built for extended duty in very harsh conditions. Especially noteworthy is that a high level of performance is maintained over the full operating temperature range. Capacitance retention at -55°C is very strong, with excellent high temperature performance up to +125°C. The new electrolyte system is fully REACH compliant, allowing application of the components in a broad range of applications where space efficiency and extraordinarily long life are required.

A wide range of standard capacitance values from 220 µF to 24,000 µF are available, with voltage ratings up to 250 Vdc. The unique flat package design does more than save space. It is easily cooled, and can offer unique flexibility in ganging two or more devices in ways that conventional electrolytics can’t.