947C Polypropylene, DC Link Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier
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The 947C series uses the most advanced metallized film technology for long life, high reliability in DC Link applications. This series delivers high capacitance, high voltage and high ripple current handling capabilities required for inverters used in wind, solar, fuel cell applications and more.  The 947C Polypropylene, DC Link Capacitors can be used in a wide variety of applications including renewable energy, medical, power supplies and holdup, industrial equipment and HVAC. They can be used as replacements for aluminum electrolytic capacitors (lower capacitance, higher current). The 947C DC link capacitor is an excellent choice for IGBT power filtering and DC link inverter applications needing lower bus capacitance and higher ripple current.


  • Capacitance Range: 160uF to 730uF
  • High reliability and life expectancy
  • Replacement for aluminum electrolytic capacitors
  • Low ESR Low
  • Inductance ROHS compliant


  • Renewable Energy
  • Medical
  • Industrial Equipment
  • HVAC
  • Power Supplies & Holdup