SCD IGBT Snubber Capacitor Modules

Cornell Dubilier
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Style SCD offers protection against voltage transients in low medium current IGBT applications where high dV/dt is encountered. It is a direct mount to the IGBT, with very low inductance and high RMS current capability.  The SCD provides lower inductance than what can be achieved using discrete components. It offers easy mechanical connection, is cost competitive and can be used in motor drives, UPS Systems, electric welding, electric vehicles, elevators, battery chargers and medical imaging.


  • High peak & RMS current capability
  • Mount directly to the IGBT module
  • Low inductance
  • Low loss polypropylene dielectric
  • Self healing 85 ° ambient temperature


  • Renewable energy
  • Medical
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Power Supplies and Holdup
  • Industrial Equipment
  • HVAC (Air Handling)
  • Motion Control