UNL, DC Link and Filter Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier
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The ElectroFilm series, type UNL, can be used to replace aluminum electrolytic where reliability and long life expectancy is demanded. The UNL Series offers exceptionally high ripple current capabilities and high capacitance ratings. Compared to aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the UNL series offers very low ESR characteristics, high ripple current capabilities, snap in case styles and much more. It is ideal for high voltage Inverter, DC Bus Link and DC Filtering circuits applications.


  • Exceptionally low ESR
  • Up to 10 times the ripple current
  • Non-polar
  • Higher voltage ratings
  • Dry construction - no electrolyte Improved reliability


  • Power Amps
  • Induction Heating
  • Fuel cell inverters
  • Power Conversion
  • HVAC (Air Handling)
  • Motion Control