Type 4CMC Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier

This product is a high-capacitance, printed circuit mount capacitor, which offers about 50% more capacitance than comparable, same-size screw terminal capacitors. The extended cathode foil assures cool operation and an increase in ripple current capability of 15% to 30%.

Type 4CMC is an easy replacement for large snap-in or screw-terminal capacitors as it doubles your energy on the board and handles up to 50A of ripple current. The 4CMC is ideal for welders and all high-energy applications.

The 4CMC ranges in capacitance up to 420,000µF at 16V, 14,000µF at 200V and 2,300µF at 500V. It features three 0.062 inch diameters, solid copper mounting pins for reverse-proof mounting and case sizes from 1.375 x 1.75 to 2 x 5.75 inches.


  • Extended-cathode construction
  • High capacitance:
    • 420,000µF @ 16V
    • 14,000µF @ 200V
    • 2,300µF @ 500V Ripple current capability of 50A
  • 0.062 inch diameters
  • Solid copper mounting pins
  • Case sizes: 1.375 x 1.75 – 2 x 5.75 (inches)


  • Welding
  • High Energy