EDL Electric Double Layer Supercapacitors

Cornell Dubilier

CDE's type EDL electric double layer supercapacitors offer extremely high capacitance values (farads) in a variety of packaging options that will satisfy, low profile, surface mount, through hole and high density assembly requirements. The EDL is a cut above the standard electrolytic capacitor in that it can act as a battery without having to deal with the environmental or hazardous material issues that batteries entail.


  • Unlimited charging and discharging capability
  • Recycling is not necessary
  • Long life (15 years)
  • Low ESR
  • Will extend battery life up to 1.6 times
  • First class performance with economy pricing


  • * * Telecommunications Cellular Handsets
  • Solar Battery Back-up
  • Small Motor Starter
  • Gaming Machines
  • Real Time Clock
  • Battery
  • Remote Reading Utility Meters