MCH and MCHN Multilayer High RF Power Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier

CDE's MCH and MCHN multilayer high RF power capacitors are flexible aluminum silicate dielectric, thus eliminating cracking and permits soldering to 260°C. These high voltage, RF capacitors need no voltage derating at temperatures up to 125°C and voltages to 4000VDC. Exceptionally low ESR and superior thermal qualities set the MCH/MCHN chip capacitors apart from ordinary RF capacitors.


  • No thermal cracking
  • FR4 compatible and wave solderable
  • Extremely high Q above 50MHz
  • Nonmagnetic option available
  • Ultra stable: no change with (t), (V) and (f)
  • Excellent for tuning and impedance matching
  • High flashover level
  • Better than porcelain


  • MRI Coils
  • RF Ablation Systems
  • Transmitters
  • RF Generators
  • Atenna Tuning
  • Lasers
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • MRI Generators