SMT RF Mica and Teflon Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier
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These robust capacitors are in silver-plated metal cases to enable ultra-low inductance terminations and heat spreading for high power operation. The mica and Teflon® dielectric systems assure very-low ESR to greater than 1 GHz and exceptionally high ripple current capabilities and stability in subminiature sizes. All styles are non-magnetic and are right for use in critical NMR MRI applications.

These type MCM and MIN capacitors were previously manufactured by SEMCO, Inc. CDE acquired SEMCO and is now manufacturing the 16 variations of both SMD and through-hole, subminiature, metal clad configuration mica and Teflon® capacitors. CDE is a leader in film and mica capacitors, and the MCM and MIN capacitors are now being fully characterized for s-parameters and high frequency Q so that customers can more easily design them into RF applications.

Many ratings are in stock. Voltage ratings are from 300 to 1000VDC; capacitance is from 1 to 1500pF in tight tolerances from ±0.5pF. Teflon is available up to 32pF.


  • Metal clad in silver-plated metal cases
  • Ultra-low inductance terminations
  • Heat spreading for high power operation
  • Very low ESR to greater than 1 GHz
  • High ripple current capabilities
  • Stable subminiature sizes


  • Radios
  • Transmitters
  • CATV
  • Automotive
  • Medical RF Generators
  • Other High Frequency Operations