UNL ElectroFilm Metallized Polypropylene Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier

Constructed with low loss ElectroFilm construction, CDE's UNL series offers high ripple current capabilities and high capacitance values making them ideal for aluminum electrolytic replacement or applications requiring high ripple current capacitors. The UNL series uses metallized polypropylene dielectric in snap-in style case.

While having lower capacitance than similar size aluminum electrolytic capacitors, the UNL series has the advantages of being self healing and nonpolar, and it has 3 or more times the ripple current capability, more than 2 times the life with no dry-out and one tenth the ESR.


  • Exceptionally low ESR (from 6mΩ)
  • Up to 10 times the ripple current
  • 1.25 times rated surge voltage
  • Non-polar
  • Higher voltage ratings (to 1500V)
  • Continuous currents (beyond 20A)
  • Dry construction
  • No electrolyte
  • Improved reliability


  • High Voltage Inverters
  • DC Bus Link
  • DC Filtering