Thinpack Aluminum Electrolytic THA/THAS Series

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The THA/THAS Series design is radically new, yet based on CDE’s 20+ years of experience with MIL-grade flat electrolytics. Reengineered to be thinner and more cost-effective, it is a good fit for many of today’s high-performance electronics. Unlike traditional cylindrical electrolytics, a THA/THAS capacitor has a sealed, laser welded aluminum case to eliminate the need for space-wasting end seal gaskets, for up to a 60% space reduction. The design includes a valve to vent hydrogen gas, reducing swelling by relieving internal pressure. The THAS Series adds a 0.38 mm stainless steel sleeve to prevent swelling and high temperatures.

In most applications, there are significant cost, weight and space savings vs. a comparably rated bank of SMT or axial aluminum electrolytic capacitors. This includes requiring about a 70% less board space than alternatives, resulting in a reduction of overall size and weight of the finished board. The smaller part and connection count also improves overall circuit reliability (one part vs. many). The THA is rated at 3,000 hours life @ 85 ºC, and the THAS is rated at 3,000 hours life @ 105 ºC. Values from 140 µF @ 450 Vdc to 18,000 µF @ 10 Vdc, with 72 capacitance/voltage combinations available for each series.


- Very high energy density
- 3000 hr life
- REACH and RoHS Compliant


  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Instrumentation
  • Commercial-grade LED driver modules
  • Compact power supplies
  • Drones and RPV's
  • Set-top boxes