EMI/RFI Filter Mini Quick Connect Plate Assemblies (78 Series)

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EMI Miniature Quick Connect Filter Plate Assemblies 78 Series Inquire

Filter plates are the most efficient and cost effective solution for filtering multiple lines into, or between, different system compartments. The natural shielding quality of the plates creates an effective RF barrier that provides excellent insertion loss and isolation for frequencies above 5MHz. CTS Tusonix line of 78 Series Miniature Quick Connect Filter Plates offers a low profile for limited area applications and features a base plate with built in installation clips. These clips allow for cost effective mounting into the system bulkhead without the expense or time associated with additional hardware.


  • Standard and Custom Designs
  • Low Profile
  • Available in Pi & C Filters
  • Wide Range of Capacitance Values
  • RoHS Compliant Available
  • Available in Two Standard Plate Lengths
  • Offers One Row Totaling up to 10 lines
  • Pi/C Filter Pins come with Various Lead Lengths and Configurations
  • Saves Time & Labor
  • Filter Performance can be Programmed per Position
  • Application Specific
  • Reduces Cost
  • Allows Versatile Design


  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial Process Control
  • Test & Measurement Instruments
  • RF & Microwave
  • Mobile Base Stations
  • Aerospace & Defense