Surface Mount Pi Type EMI/RFI Filters

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CTS Tusonix line of “Pi” Type Surface Mount Filters is used where cost and space savings are a priority and improved insertion loss is required. The filter has the highest current handling with the finest pitch to support the best board density for protecting systems with numerous parallel high-power lines. The Pi-Type provides up to 8,200pf, support for up to 100Vdc working voltages, up to 10A of current, and able to provide up to 70dB of rejection up to 1GHz.


  • Excellent Mechanical & Electrical performance
  • Easy Placement
  • Excellent Solder Ability
  • Variety of Mounting Solder Methods on to PCB and Substrates
  • Wide Range of Electrical Characteristics
  • Square or Round Body for Easy Handling
  • RoHS Compliant Available
  • Tape and Reeled for Auto-Placement
  • Eliminates EMI at Board Level
  • Fast Production Rates & Increased Productivity
  • Reduces PCB Component Count
  • Saves Board Space
  • Reduced Cost


  • Communications Equipment
  • Broadcast Devices
  • Personal Communications Devices
  • Space Saving Filtering Requirements
  • Signal and Data Lines in Electronic Equipment