WEECON Ceramic Capacitors

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CTS Tusonix line of WEECON Ceramic Capacitors have long been the standard of the industry, and offer the broadest selection of available ceramic formulations and package sizes to meet the most demanding applications. The range of temperature characteristics available make the WEECON suitable for the ultra-stable requirements of tuned circuits in addition to the general purpose needs for coupling and bypassing. Encapsulated with a hard, bright polymetric coating, these capacitors are formulated to provide mechanical protection under normal environmental conditions.


  • Standard and Custom Designs
  • Wide Range of Temperature Compensating Dielectrics & Stable Hi-K Dielectrics
  • Wide Range of Voltage Rating
  • Wide Range of Package Sizes
  • Reliable
  • Custom Lead Spaces can be Accommodated
  • RoHS Compliant Available


  • Avionics Equipment
  • RF & Microwave
  • Communication Systems
  • Test Equipment
  • Crystal Filters & Oscillators
  • Power Supplies
  • Industrial Process Control