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The GT terminal and connector system was developed with global customer input at every design phase and has a small package size suited to fit the shrinking space requirements of today's vehicles. The GT 150, 280 & 630 Series GT Connection Systems with silver interface platings pass the SAE® (Society of Automotive Engineers) J2030* Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Standard.

  • GT 150 and 280 Series available in both sealed and unsealed versions in cavity variations between 2-way and 16-way. GT 630 is available in two-way sealed and one-way to four-way unsealed.
  • GT Mixed Series combining both 150 and 280 series terminals in the same connector. Typically, 280 series terminal cavities are located in the outside corners of the connector. This series is available as a 12-way and 16-way sealed and unsealed.
  • GT 150 Female Sealed connectors available with 3.5 mm centerline spacing and various indexing capabilities. The 3.5 mm centerline spacing (vs. standard 4.5 mm) enables mating to existing devices like sensors.
  • GT Lever Lock Series available in both sealed and unsealed versions, providing connector mating forces of less than 50 N for up to 40 terminations per connector.


  • Pass SAE J2030* Heavy-Duty Electrical Connector Standard (with silver interface platings)
  • Tangless terminals yield durability
  • Low engage force improves reliability and ergonomics
  • Pump-handle primary lock for lower engage force and easy disassembly
  • Secondary lock and TPA and CPA capabilities for improved and more robust system design
  • Seal retention and protection features help prevent loss or damage to the connector seal
  • Electrical performance equal to less space-efficient terminations due to capability of more terminations per connection with increased design and application efficiency
  • Mates to ISO, SAE blades for compatibility with existing systems and increased efficiency


  • Vehicle applications
    • In-line
    • Device
    • Header
    • Bulkhead