150 & 280 Series GT FBT USCAR Unsealed Connection Systems

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Delphi offers the industry's first application of advanced Flexible Beam Technology (FBT) designed into an automotive connection system. The connection system is an extension of the GT product line and features Flexible Beam Technology for the terminal-to-connector cavity interface. The connection system offers reduced complexity at lower cost while providing industry-leading terminal retention.The GT FBT series includes 1.5 and 2.8 mm unsealed female connectors designed to mate to USCAR footprint devices. The GT FBT series provides better terminal retention, with reduced mass and a robust locking mechanism.


  • Terminal position assurance without additional pieces is a technology differentiator
  • Improvement in harness first time quality enhances quality/warranty performance
  • Reduces mass with fewer pieces
  • Increase in terminal retention
  • Industry standard repair tools used for simple servicing, with no secondary pieces to remove
  • Tangless terminals yield durability
  • Low engage force improves reliability and ergonomics
  • Primary cantilever lock with features for optional CPA for easy disassembly and low engage force
  • Mates to ISO, SAE blades for compatibility with existing systems


  • Any customer application of an unsealed USCAR footprint device for automotive interiors
  • Unique applications to meet customer-specific needs