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Delphi’s extensive HEV/HV portfolio offers a complete range of systems and components for every high-power, high voltage application. Delphi’s vast systems knowledge, innovative component design and integration skills helps reduce costs, provide peak performance and offer a robust portfolio of hybrid and electric vehicle components and systems.


· Protects against electromagnetic interference


· Prevents short circuits and arcing


· Keep drivers and technicians safe in high voltage environments



  • Shield Pack
    • HVIL Shunt in Header, Face Seal to Device
    • HVIL Shunt in Header, Bore Seal to Device
    • 2 Way connection system without HVIL
    • 2 Way connection system with multiple HVIL options
    • 2 way inline connection system with HVIL Shunt
    • 2 way right angle connection system with internal HVIL
  • Power Pack 1000
    • 145A continuous at 85°C
    • 2 way device connectors
  • Power Pack 2000
    • 250A continuous at 85°C
    • 1 way device and pass through connectors
  • High-Power Products
    • HV 150 on board charger connectors
  • HEV Charging System & Components
    • Charge coupler connector
    • Charge inlet


  • Electric Vehicle
  • Hybrid Vehicle