RCS800 Power S3 2-Way Connectors

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RCS800 connectors are specially designed to cope with high voltage applications, while withstanding any level of operating current up to 250 A. The RCS800 terminals feature an 8 mm round pin design that facilitates more efficient use of space than an equivalent square terminal. RCS female terminals also provide a high number of contact points and can operate up to 250A, depending on customer specification. The RCS800 terminals have higher current carrying capacity than any other terminals of the same sizes, thus allowing very high current performances while saving space and weight through a smaller size connector design. RCS800 features a 180° exit A Connector Position Assurance device (CPA) ensures 100% safe mating operations. Last but not least, high levels of shielding and sealing are employed to offer best-in-class interconnect solutions for EV and HEV.


  • High voltage 400 - 750 V
  • High current carrying capacity of 230 A at 70° C with 50 mm2 wire sections
  • Shielding performance : 60 dB
  • FCI ErgoMate® axial mating assist system for easy handling, reduced mating force and with two-step disconnection to allow safe unmating
  • Patented integrated electric interlock
  • Connector Position Assurance (CPA)
  • Dual sealing feature : External sealing & Individual cable sealing – IP67, IPx9K
  • Electrical shock protection - IP2XB
  • Unique round 8 mm terminal system


  • High Voltage DC Connections for
    • Batteries
    • Junction boxes
    • Inverters
    • Power Electronic Boxes (PEB) and others