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Delphi Active Connection Systems (ACS) are designed to meet high vibration and temperature resistance demands placed on connectors used in modern engines. The active secondary lock, active Connector Position Assurance (CPA), and housing seal enable advanced high-performance in high-temperature and high-vibration environments. Delphi's first generation Active Connection Systems include high-performance two-, three-, four, and five-way serial systems. A second-generation two-way system with an updated terminal and housing is also now available for enhanced performance. The Active Connection Systems enable connectors to meet more stringent requirements for vibration and temperature resistance and updated safety-feature demands for engines. No device modifications are required to take advantage of the Delphi Active Connection Systems—the new generation terminal and connector housing fits the same mating parts as previous generations.


  • Enhanced vibration performance due to new housing seal design and use of ATS terminal
  • Active secondary lock
  • Active CPA helps ensure only correct connections are made by preventing closure until the connector is fully plugged in, helping minimize connection errors and to prevent accidental closures during delivery to enhance quality
  • Different mechanical color/codings available


  • Knock sensors
  • Cam and crank sensors
  • Fluid temperature sensors
  • Variable reluctance sensors