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Delphi Connection Systems
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Delphi offers a wide variety of clips, clamps and routing aids for electrical distribution attachment needs. Delphi offers a broad array of options — more than 5,000 — different part numbers of available products for many applications.

  • Polypropylene and nylon clips, including:
    • Wire tie clips
    • Fir tree clips
    • Rosebud clips
    • Conduit clips
    • Clip assemblies
  • Connector sheet metal clips, including:
    • Fir tree connector clips
    • Rosebud connector clips
    • Edge metal clips
  • Conduit clamps and assemblies
  • Connector carriers
  • Assembly covers
  • Channels and brackets
  • Custom designed solutions


  • Simple, durable and proven designs
    • Field performance for more than 50 years in thousands of applications
  • Ergonomic and assembly efficient designs, including:
    • Orientation features
    • Anti-rotation features
    • Anti-squeak and rattle features
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Wide variety of options available for many applications
  • Custom designed solutions also available for customer specific applications


  • Automotive
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Light, medium and heavy duty trucks
  • Marine