Connectivity Technologies

Delphi Connection Systems

Delphi also offers shielded RF cable assemblies compatible with DIN 72594-1 (FAKRA) and SAE/USCAR-18 standards. Also in the Delphi portfolio are High-Speed Digital Data (HSDD) shielded 0.64 connection systems designed for multiple data protocols.


  • Shielded High-Speed Data Connections:
    • Delphi-specific high-speed data designs
    • Passive lock system
    • Uses industry standard 0.64mm terminals
    • Available with headers and in-lines Engineered for LVDS, 1394, USB, and MOST protocols
  • FAKRA RF Connections and Cable Assemblies:
    • High performance
    • ISO/USCAR compliant
    • Drop-in replacement Cost effective


  • Transportation
  • Automotive
  • Music Streaming
  • Data Exchange
  • Passenger Convenience Data Transfer
  • Voice Recognition Systems
  • Consumer Electronics Convenience Charging