Data Connectivity Systems

Delphi Connection Systems

With increasing consumer demand for more entertainment and data exchange within the automobile, Delphi has developed an expanding portfolio of cables, connectors and consumer ports to allow communication of audio, video and navigation data within the vehicle.


  • Production experience with multiple OEMs
  • Expertise in electrical/electronic integration
  • Uses standard automotive electrical system components and standard USB connectors
  • Uses cost effective, off-the-shelf USB cables
  • Easily serviceable
  • Customer-specific styling
  • Meets USCAR-30 and USB specifications
  • Easily adaptable to
    • USB, 1394, LVDS and MOST protocols
    • Various consumer connections, including SD cards, RCA jacks, auxiliary inputs, and more


  • Music streaming between popular digital audio formats (MP3, etc.) and the vehicle radio
  • Data exchange between various consumer devices and the vehicle
  • Passenger convenience data transfer (telematics, global positioning)
  • Voice recognition systems, cell phone links, voice mail and internet communications
  • Charging of consumer electronics for convenience